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Door to door
We provide door to door transportation services to the elderly, mobility impaired clients and special 

needs children and adults. We can escort you or your loved ones from door to door and assist you in 

your individual mobility needs. 

We offer 24/7 service for your convenience.

We provide reliable, safe transportation to our clients to ensure that they arrive on time and safe.

We request that all appointments and reservations be made 24/48 hours in advance.

*Same day service is available as scheduling allows.

Keep in mind, until you receive a confirmation call back from our office, do not consider your trip

booked. You will receive a call as soon as we confirm availability.

We offer ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher services.

We also offer professional licensed Florida RN services for your loved ones when you want to assure

the best handling care. There is an extra fee for this service and needs to be schedule in advanced.
At Blue Ray we sincerely believe in providing our clients with the most satisfying experience while

traveling with our company.

Our client's comfort and safety is our primary goal and the cornerstone of our operation.

Blue Ray Transport is proud to provide safe, reliable, and cost effective medical transport to:

  • Medical appointments
  • Transfers from Nursing Homes, Assisted living, Independent living.
  •  Dialysis and wound Care.
  •  Physical, occupational, speech therapy 
  •  Hospital, emergency Room, outpatient surgery discharges.
  •  Local Events 
  •  Dental Appointments
  •  Attending Religious Services 
  •  Prescription Drug Pickup 
  •  Recreational Events
  •  Corporate Events
  •  Airport and Hotel Transport.
  •  In case of any Emergency or natural disaster we promise to respond inmediately and compassionately to the needs of our health care community.