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Jessica N. - RN, BSN
     Office Manager
Jessica is State Licensed in Florida as our Registered Nurse with Blue Ray which brings forth over 20 years of experience in Geriatrics and Individuals with Special needs. Jessica is also bilingual to assist our Spanish speaking patrons as well. 

Jessica has previously owned and managed several successful businesses in the Midwest and we are very excited to have her knowledge and experience available for you as she continues her promise to provide the very best in caring, safe and affordable transportation for our elderly, mobility impaired clients and beyond, now in SW Florida.

About Blue Ray Transport
We are a Non-Emergency Transport Company built on integrity and solid core values which encompasses the latest in cutting-edge technology while integrating over 20 years of combined experience in the Medical and Transportation industry.

We know that our clients deserve the best service at an affordable price. 
Our staff is constantly working on improving our service, giving you the highest quality of care possible.

We use only ADA approved transportation and equipment.

We are a Christian based, Family-owned and operated business in Collier County, serving South West Florida and more.

Blue Ray Transport services are the best that come with a personal touch. 

We are a proud contributor towards the benefit of local charities/religious organizations. Ask us how we can help.
Interested and want to know more or have any questions, comments or concerns. Please contact us.
Committed to helping our customers achieve their independence and dignity they deserve.
Mitch J.  - BA, MCSE, CCNP
   Information Technology
Blue Ray LLC
Mitch is our IT Manager in charge of Systems and Marketing Strategies. 

Certified in Cisco and Microsoft Computer Systems is an essential part to maintain uninterrupted communication with our drivers to arrive safe and on time. 

Mitch is also available to assist our customers with  communication ideas they may have and offer the latest in user-friendly technology to stay connected with your loved ones via Video Chat at home or on the go. 

Call us for details.